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Instruments > Oboe after Jacob Denner, Nuremberg,ca 1715. A = 415 Hz

Oboe after Jacob Denner

Pitch A = 415 hz.
Stained boxwood. Three brass or pure silver keys, fourth double tone hole. Fourth simple tone hole on request.


The original instrument

Preserved in National Germanisches Museum Nürnberg, under the n° MIR 370. Three brass keys, fourth simple tone hole.

Preserved in good condition, this oboe has the same conception than the oboe n° MIR 371, on display just next to it. The bell makes the difference with its « sister » instrument MIR 371. Jacob Denner was active in Nürnberg in the first third of the XVIIIth century, where he succeeded his father Johann Christoph. He made all sorts of woodwind instruments : flutes, recorders, oboes, bassoons, and he improved the clarinet.

oboe after Jacob Denner detail of silver keys
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oboes after Jacob Denner

Photos by Philippe Roulaud

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